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Tano Drums was founded in 2005 by Carlos Parlato. The studio provides instrument education to students of all ages and teaches students on how to create, produce and record their own music tracks. It is also home to a recording studio which prides itself on phenomenal quality recordings produced by its highly experienced engineers. The recording studio is also mobile and is therefore capable of recording live events/concerts.

We are currently providing tuition to students within Peterborough and surrounding areas with an age range of 4 years upwards.  Whilst we teach mainstream students we specialise in teaching students with additional needs such in the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Physical and Learning Disabilities, Sensory Impairments, Challenging Behaviour and Youth Offenders. 

Our facilities include a sound recording studio, a sound proof recording vocals booth, a spacious teaching studio and rehearsal room, a sound proof small guitar tuition room, a multifunction entrance lobby, custom sales area and storage, WC and Kitchenette. There is also plenty free parking for parents and students alike. Come on in we will be happy to show you around!

Tano Drums also operates as Solidrums Europe international dealer for Solidrums Argentina.

Tano Drums is focusing on building on the success of teaching students with Additional Needs in collaboration with local schools. We have a role to play in supporting people to be able to achieve their chosen outcomes to satisfy their emotional, psychological and physical well-being. Research has shown that the thought patterns that arise whilst studying and creating music may help improve your capacity to learn math skills, social skills, help increase language learning and get better grades overall. Apparently, the human brain works very much like musical note patterns and the style and depth of music plays a role in this. We also believe we have a role to play in that offering to build up personal skills we may enable students to gain employment in the community. For students with Additional Needs their education cannot be one size fits all. There has to be a greater understanding and time spent with each student to find out the best method of tuition for them individually. We have established many different methods of teaching students thus ensuring they achieve the best results and enjoy the time they spend in their lessons. For example a student with Autism may relate moods to colours and the volume of your voice. Tano Drums has earned respect and a good reputation locally. It has enabled students to improve their skills and meet their psychological, emotional and physical desires, thus enhancing their health and well-being. We offer a different model of tuition, ensuring the expectations are clear at the beginning and working to a planned programme. We teach to recognised standards.

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