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Manufacturing features

The hulls are constructed with sheets of wood selected in varying thickness according to the specific requirements of the instrument. The toms are made ​​in 6 mm thick, the drums in 7mm and drums are manufactured in 9mm. The combination of excellent quality wood, high strength adhesives and moulding system of internal/external high pressure results in a cylinder of an extreme strength, paramount for a helmet with volume and projection quality. Another feature of our products is the construction of bodies under the "Undersized" concept. Unlike conventional bodies, the "undersized" show a reduction millimetre in diameter ensuring perfect support patch in all sectors of tension, providing a broader tuning range with the largest frequency. In our model "NATIVA", we use various types of wood, maple, ebony, cedar, guatambu, wenge, paradise, root erable, combined against the grain. Applying the silicone paint inside helps the projection of the final sound, giving the drummer a "plus" in volume, and unparalleled sustain. Alma the new model is made ​​of acrylic, characterized by high volume and extreme variety of tuning and projection.

We specialise in the distribution of Solidrums to the European and Asian markets operating as representative of our sister company in Argentina. Our factory has been dedicated to developing and producing under the co-direction of Carlos Parlato since 1982. Our drums can also be made to measure and in any colour or woods by craftsman specialised in acoustic instruments. The work is both beautiful and honest. We think drums should be accessible to all, so contact us to place an order for any of our existing models or for a specific bespoke design you been dreaming about. We also build drum kits according to disability. Further to this, we recognise the practicalities of a second hand market so we buy and sell used quality drum kits to suit any budget. These used drums go through our quality control process and drum doctor expertise so you are assured to a high degree of confidence when purchasing from us.

Buy safely from our online shop or contact me for further details and availability. Or come in and try one of our drum kits today!


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Drum Doctor & Drum Clinics Available - Call us for details!

Carlos Parlato is the director for Solidrums Europe, international dealer for Solidrums Argentina. Please view our online catalogue for more details on all our products!

SOLIDRUMS artist´s are mostly in South America but the brand is gaining notoriety overseas thorough the hands of those who play the best and so endorse the quality of our products. For sale our Solidrummer 2007 showcase DVDs available, please enquiry!

Drum Kits tainted by humidity or in need of repair? We can help put it right. We do drum tuning, general repair, wood protection and fix it with replacement parts. We clean brass and chrome and get it new again! We offer full professional drum Set Ups for live shows ready to take on the stress of any performance making sure your focus is only on the music and your audience. You can count on our years of experience!

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