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Module db10 V2

1 Real Pad Deluxe mesh with 10" Double area (Snare)

3 Real Pad Deluxe mesh de 8" Double area (Tom1 - Tom2 - Tom3)

1 Real Pad Deluxe mesh with 10" Double area (Tom4)

1 Real Pad Deluxe mesh 10" (Bass drum)

1 Pad HiHat G12 simple area (HiHat 12")

1 Pad plato G12 simple area (Crash 2 12")

1 Pad plato G12 simple area (Crash 1 12")

1 Pad plato G12 Double area (Ride 12")

1 Pedal HiHat Control

1 Set Manguera Cables

Corral Blood (barras 1,5" black)

Size: 1,20m x 0,60m

(Does not include bass drum pedal)

MIDI din Connectors (in - out)

DrumVoices: 674 (Drums, Percussion, SFX...)

Drum Kits: 99 (40 Kits Preseteados y 59 Kits de Usuario)

8 Hi-Hat Combinations

General MIDI Backing Voices: 128 GM Instruments  


Drum volume / ACMP Volume / SD Card MIDI Volume / Click Volume       

Effect Type: Reverb, 4-Band Master EQ        


Preset song: 120, User song: 100

Song Parts: 7 (Drum, Percussion, Part 1-Part 5)

Play Modes: One Shot/ Loop/Tap/Hit

Tempo: 30-280, Resolution: 192 ticks per quarter note

Metronome Function, Part Mute Function       

Click: Click Voice/ Time signature / Tempo / Interval / Volume; SD Card: Save/Load Kits, Songs and User Settings, Play Standard MIDI Files; (up to 16 channels), Update Operating Firmware , Maximum Polyphony: 64

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www.Tano Drums.com has the pleasure to announce

a recent partnership with DB Drums!

“We were hesitant at first representing any type of electronic drums, but when we discovered the quality of this product we had to jump at the opportunity to say yes!“

Versatile configuration: There is great flexibility for the drummer to transport and assemble the equipment according to the demand of each gig or project.

Ease of assembly and adjust: dbdrums has a design that allows for a fast and simple construction, with the least amount of adjustment tools.

Strength and durability: dbdrums has the characteristic of using materials that allow greater useful life of the equipment.

dbdrums offers you access to the best quality and latest technology at more competitive price. In addition, the company does not abandon the client after he purchased the product. The pos-sales service is responsible for maintaining close customer relationships rewarding and building trust with the company.

www.Tano Drums.com is the official dealer for db drums in the United Kingdom.

The “brain” inside our Blood Master db-Pro Series G12 electronic drum is a power Roland processor, identical to the one on the Roland TD-30KSE, but here at a fraction of the price!…Product imported from Argentina.

Available in a 10 piece kit at £1,700 (complete kit) or 8 piece kit for £1,500 (less 1 Cymbal and 1 floor tom). For more details visit the manufacturer at www.dbdrums.com.ar or contact us for purchasing arrangements.

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Buy Now

8 piece kit


10 piece kit


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