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Recording Studio

Recording at Tano Drums is an experience like no other, we like to hear all about your project and proposals you may have to consolidate your brief into a final product and we aim to do it to suit your expectations and budget. Furthermore, we have the technical know-how and decades of experience in the recording industry to guide you through the process.

Our studio provide a cosy and practical environment that let´s us focus on the tasks at hand to a professional level without distractions from the exterior and are of course, sound insulated throughout, as we like to say - “Rather small and strong than big and soft!”. We have recorded from various size bands to medium size orchestras and also work on the production for audio projects via long distance email. Recording any project has to take into account preparation, such as setting up microphones and working to your vision, mixing, production and mastering, all of which are executed by our competent sound engineer.

We also pay special attention to our studio equipment as this may in fact be the “de facto” ingredient that make us difference from the rest. Tano Drums Recording Studios carries a state of the art 48 track mixer with 168 digital channels, high definition AKG, Shure and Sennheiser  microphones and an array of top of the range production software and applications including studio standard quality Equalisers, Compressors and a Logic and Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstations that when put together are able to design and render a quality final product you will be proud of!

Our areas of focus include:

Uncompromising Studio Recording and Production work

Remote digital audio Mastering

Session Custom Drum parts to suit your project

Drum Overdubbing

Voice coaching through our microphone booth

Some of our previous clients:

Warner Music, various UK rock and Indie rock bands, individual independent artists and commercials Jingles and backing tracks.

The recording studio is also mobile and is therefore capable of recording live events/concerts.

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